About Us


Your Preferred Ticketing Partner


Since 2004, BOCA Holdings South Asia has been the distributor of USA-manufactured BOCA Systems’ thermal ticketing printers and tickets.

The team’s expertise and technical support capabilities, along with BOCA Systems’ globally recognised high quality and reliable products, has resulted in BOCA Holdings South Asia becoming the market leader. Its impressive list of customers includes renowned major tourist attractions, integrated resorts, museums, stadiums, cinemas, entertainment centers and airports in the region.

Today, BOCA Holdings South Asia continues to grow its market leading position by providing high-performance ticketing solutions with remarkable and trustworthy service.  

Making us your preferred ticketing partner.


What Drives Us

To bring convenience and assurance to all of our customers, we continually strive to become the leading supplier, preferred and trusted ticketing solutions provider in South East Asia.

We believe in being customer-focused by dedicating the best of our expertise and globally used products to our customers.

We ensure that our employees are empowered to make expert decisions and equip our customers with the best advice and solutions.

We keep up with the industry’s latest solutions and information, so as to improve our technical expertise to provide our customers with the right solutions

Our Solutions

BOCA Holdings South Asia presents a full spectrum of services that ensure your ticketing requirements are met

We offer you the convenience of a
one-stop solution

Ranging from hardware and physical tickets to technical services, we provide you with end-to-end solutions, supporting you from planning to design, production to after-sales services.


Our Service Overview

We are always ready to listen to our customers’ requirements, and provide the best advice backed by our years of experience. At the same time, we strive to deliver top-notch solutions to be your preferred and trusted partner.


  • Consultation to understand requirements and offer solutions
  • Actual printer demonstration
  • Purchase
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • After sales review


Tickets & Labels (Customised or Generic)

  • Pre–purchase consultation to understand requirements and offer solutions
  • Material proposal and selection
  • Designs template selection (customise or generic)
  • Proofing (provide actual live samples)
  • Proof adjustment
  • Actual production


End-to-End Technical Services

  • Post-installation support
  • Ad-hoc onsite support
  • Off-site support (Service Center)
  • 24/7 or 8/5 Maintenance (onsite and off-site)
  • Scheduled or ad-hoc preventive maintenance
  • Repair services
  • Spare parts purchase
  • Provision of loan printers

Distinctly Boca Holdings South Asia


When it comes to ticketing, speed and reliability are key. These qualities are  exactly what we offer our customers – speed akin to how our printers operate and quick turnaround time provided by our technicians; reliable products and services  which gives our customers a peace of mind.

At the same time, our globally innovative BOCA products and effective problem-solving solutions are the reasons established tourism and leisure players have come to rely on us.

As the inventor of the thermal ticket printer, BOCA has developed a series of reliable and robust products that have become widely used and globally trusted.


BOCA Holdings South Asia has brought the products’ reputability into the region’s ticketing market, and has complemented these high-performance machines with our very own technical expertise by offering rapid response and services that exceed customers’ expectations.

We treat each customer with a high level of respect and believe in listening to, and working closely with our customers to come up with the best solutions based on their needs, which in turn forges an enduring customer-provider bond that makes us your preferred ticketing partner. 

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