Boca Thermal Ticket Printers

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BOCA offers a wide range of thermal printers for many different ticketing and retail solutions.

For over thirty years, BOCA has been manufacturing high quality thermal printers. We offer a wide variety of Lemur series printers to accommodate all of your ticket, wristband, label and receipt printing requirements. Lemur printers are designed to work in multiple environments including Point-Of-Sale, Under-the-Counter, Desktop and Kiosks.

Models such as Lemur-2, 2P and MF, support multiple media streams and there are optional interfaces for mobile (Bluetooth and WiFi) and network communications. RFID encoding options of UHF, Mlfare or I-Code are available on most models.

All of our printers are energy-efficient, having been designed to earn the ENERGY STAR rating.

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  • Under-The-Counter Printers
  • Kiosk Printers
  • Receipt Printers
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We believe all businesses have the responsibility of doing their part to protect and maintain our planet.

We regularly evaluate the latest technologies for ways to reduce both our energy usage and our total impact on the environment.

Over the past five years, we have reduced the average size of the printer by approximately 40% resulting in similar reductions in printed circuit board size, paint usage and cabling.

The reduced printer size reduces shipping weight by approximately 30% while affecting a 40% reduction in shipping volume. Both factors significantly decrease the environmental impact of shipping our products throughout the world.