Tickets & Labels

We make the Best

BOCA’s unique position of manufacturing both printers and tickets allow us to provide you with the most reliable tickets in the market. Our experienced engineers have designed the patented Lemur printing process that virtually eliminates dot gain while providing offset quality results. Our design team will assist with both basic ticket design and customized designs with added special features such as hologram, foil, magnetics and RFID, to enhance the appearance, security and functionality of your tickets.

Free Print Head Replacement – In order to demonstrate our commitment to quality and compatibility, we stand behind our thermal tickets and labels with a free print head replacement policy. This policy applies to all 200 and 300 dpi printers exclusively using BOCA tickets.

Real Proofs – We print your proofs with the same ink, paper and plates that will be used on your real tickets. This eliminates any guessing of how your tickets will look like.


Key features

We Offer:

  • Custom Thermal Tickets
  • Generic Thermal Tickets
  • Non-Thermal Products

From standard to thick to plastic tickets, to water and tear resistant tickets and labels, we offer different paper type to suit your needs. 

Key features of our custom designed tickets and wristbands can include:

  • Round or straight corners
  • Complex perforation patterns
  • UV + coin rub Ink
  • Die cutting
  • Embedded RFID chips
  • Foils and Holograms
  • Embossing
  • A variety of thermal base material from thin paper to thick plastics


Perfect Ticket Stock

It’s simple – we make the best tickets.

Environmental Friendly

All of our ticket grade, thermal paper is sourced from either FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified forests. In addition, all of our printing plates are produced with a chemical free process and using environmental-friendly water-based ink. All of our paper waste is recycled minimizing the environmental impact.