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Market Leader for Over 20 Years

Your Preferred Ticketing Partner providing you with the most reliable, cost effective printing solution since 1985.

The direct thermal technology, used in our Lemur printers, provides the most reliable, cost effective printing solution while eliminating the need for ink, toner and ribbons. Bar codes and graphics are supported at maximum print speeds exceeding 10 inches per second.

Premium options such as Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth and RFID encoding are available on all models. While our printers are used extensively in all sorts of ticketing applications, they are well suited for printing labels, ID tags, receipts and other on-demand applications


Tickets & Labels

We make the Best

Why Choose BOCA

Our unique position of manufacturing both the printers and the tickets allow us to provide you with the most reliable tickets in the market. All BOCA tickets are manufactured to the same exacting standards as our printers.

We use the highest quality papers and inks, while guaranteeing their compatibility with our printers. Additionally, we provide free print head replacements for printers exclusively using BOCA tickets.


Lemur Printing Process

Further, our experienced engineers have designed the patented Lemur printing process that virtually eliminates dot gain while providing offset quality results.


Customised Tickets

Our talented design staff will assist with both basic ticket design and special features (hologram, foil, magnetics, RFID) to enhance the appearance, security and functionality of your tickets


For all your Printing Requirements


We offer a wide variety of Lemur series printers to accommodate all of your ticket, wristband, label and receipt printing requirements.

All Lemurs come standard with USB, parallel and Serial (RJ12 connector) interfaces. Ethernet, Bluetooth and WiFi are available as options. These printers are well-suited for ticket, wristband and label applications.